January 10, 2016


Here is an oldie......but in my opinion, a goodie. I usually spend some of my downtime over the holidays cleaning out old files, unused .psd's, etc. from my computer. While doing this I came across these character designs for an old pitch done years ago with Next Level Games. 

The pitch was for a fun, colourful, but somewhat violent co-operative rail shooter called Eli & Tork: Escape From Paranoid City. The story took place in a dystopic future, and was centred around these two toughs, Eli and Tork,  and their cat Mr. Whitepants. When Mr. Whitepants disappears into a crack in the walls of Paranoid City, a massive walled prison complex (think Escape From New York), Eli and Tork have to break into the prison, find Mr. Whitepants, and then battle their way out again. The game's tagline pretty much sums it up: Breaking in to Paranoid City was easy. Getting out is another story. 

The design was fairly well received, and the mechanics of the design were used as a basis for two different projects developed at Next Level Games. Unfortunately the publishers of these projects eventually decided to graft their own IP's onto the design...being more comfortable going with something established instead of taking the risk of developing something new (these projects didn't turn out very well....but that is another story), and Eli and Tork were left to gather dust in the dark recesses of my hard drive.

There were a few more concepts created for this pitch....screen shots and a couple promo pieces, but these haven't faired as well against the test of time. While this material is old it still has for me a  charm, a sense of nostalgia, and the thoughts of what could have been. Anyways, since these guys got the shaft twice, I figured they at least deserved a blog post!

Happy New Year. Enjoy!

December 11, 2015


Here is a shot of the master print for the upcoming EK Cosmonaut resin model kit. This is the third and final figure in the 1/8th scale EK Cosmonaut Series (although he is #1....we released them in reverse order....I don't know why!). Amazingly sculpted by Gene Campbell, this figure has the same great level of, and attention to detail, as the previous EK kits sculpted by Gene and released by Industria Mechanika.

This guy should be ready for pre-order in early February, 2016 and will ship out soon after that. I'll post again with the firm dates once I get them from Industria Mechanika.

December 8, 2015


A small batch (24 units) of 1/6th scale Dystopic kits have been added to the Industria Mechanika Shop for pre-order. If missed one of these kits before now is the time pick one up. Head over to the Industria Mechanika Shop to order. 

These kits will be shipped in early February 2016.

The 1/8th EK Cosmonaut kits are also in production. Figure #1 in the series should be ready for pre-order/release soon. The 2nd and 3rd figures in the series will also be restocked for a third run in the new year as well.


A nice feature on my work at Spanish language game art site Golem Guardian. Check it out here. Ariba!

November 1, 2015


Here is another "EK" personal commission done for a client in Sweden. The piece itself is full of personal meaning for the client, and the composition was worked out so that the client's tattoo artist can interpret the design as a half sleeve tattoo in the future.

As with the other personal EK commissions, this one was delivered with a poster sized one off original signed giclee print and supporting documents.

Thanks to Rickard!

September 26, 2015


Industria Mechanika has restocked my 1/8th scale EK Cosmonaut 03 figure and is shipping orders immediately. If you missed out before you can get one here at the IMech shop.

Plus, the stock of the female EK Cosmonaut 02 figure is down to a few remaining kits, so if you want  one, now is the time to pick it up. Get it from the IMech shop here.

The third kit in this series, EK Cosmonaut 01, is currently in the master print stage, and will then be broken up and cast for production. I will keep you posted on release dates!

September 22, 2015


ANKI Overdrive, a cool project I did some character design and illustration work for, was released on the weekend. ANKI Overdrive is a modern take on hobby slot car racing, but features cars that race around a modular track that doesn't have any grooves or slots, allowing for much greater freedom of movement. The game also features a "video game-like " aspect, that allows you arm your car with weapons and utilize a host of AI "Commanders", with their own abilities and personas, to drive the vehicles. You can also build your own driver to battle against these AI commanders (the design and illustration work for the "build your own driver" being done by my good friend Nigel Quarless). The control of the cars, and the weapons they have, is done through an app that runs on your phone or tablet. 

When I was kid my older brother had a large collection of slot racing cars and tracks, and I used to love to play with them....so in addition to being a fun project, this one also had a bit of a nostalgic vibe for me.

Anyways, you check more of the game out here, and the the physical cars and tracks are retailing on Amazon, at the Apple Store, Toys R Us, Target, etc. 

Hopefully I'll be able to post more of the work I did for ANKI Overdrive in the future!

July 11, 2015


I have a small interview at low brow artsite MLoveizM…..check it out here!

Thanks to Daniel Quinones.

June 29, 2015


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am shutting down my webshop while I'm living and travelling over in Europe for the next year. Response to the shop was great and I spent sometime this weekend packing up the last orders that will be shipped out today. Thanks again to everyone that picked something up! 

My book is still available on Amazon and at other book retailers, and for those interested in the model kits based on my work, Industria Mechanika has the second figure in EK Cosmonaut Series available for pre-order now (shipping next month). Plus they will have the 2nd edition of the first figure back in stock next month, and the 1/6 scale Dystopic will be back in stock in the fall.

Thanks again!

June 25, 2015


The second figure in the 3 kit EK Cosmonaut Series is now available for  pre-orders at Industria Mechanika's online shop. As with the last figure in the series, this one is a 1/8th scale, highly detailed resin model (with a few metal and acrylic pieces as well) that faithfully recreates my original painting.

Expertly modelled by Gene Campbell, this kit has had a lot of interest since it was announced so if you are interested in getting one it would be best to pre-order now.

Last month I posted the master print/sculpt that was printed by Desmoda at Ownage, but here I've included some of Gene's renders to show off his great work and attention to detail.

Kits are shipping at the end of July 2015. Go here to check it out at the IMech Shop!

June 23, 2015


This summer I'm packing up and moving my family to France, to live and travel around Europe for a year. I'm still going to be working while I'm over there, so those interested in freelance commissions can still contact me through my website, email, etc. Unfortunately I will be closing the shop on my website while I'm away, as lugging around books and prints won't be possible. Response to the shop has been great and thanks to everyone that ordered a signed book, prints, t-shirts, etc. I haven't restocked a lot of the items as I knew I was leaving the country, but there is some stock left, so if you want something out of there now is the time to order!

Au revoir! 

June 5, 2015


Here is an EK piece created for use as a single colour graphic on EK "Herald" t-shirts. This graphic was created some time ago, but now that these shirts have finally been released, I figure I should also finally post about the artwork!

This piece is unique in the series, with its single colour graphic treatment, as almost all the other images in the EK Series are fully rendered, fully coloured pieces (except a couple silkscreen pieces done many years ago). I prefer my t-shirt graphics to be simple, 1/2 colour designs….as I like the bold, clean feel, so I felt that this was the right approach for this piece.

These t's were originally created to accompany prints of my work that were being exhibited and sold through the ARTISHOX gallery in Belgium, and through their online store, ARTISHOPIX. Unfortunately, in late 2013 right before the t's went into production, the ARTISHOX gallery had to be closed due to the owner's personal/health issues. At this point I figured I would sell the t's off my own website, but due to a busy schedule, I ended up sitting on the design for a year. By early 2015 I had found some time to open a shop on my new website and now the t-shirts are up on there for sale.

Most of the first batch of t's have sold, but there are a few of most sizes still available. I won't be re-stocking them for some time, as I am moving to France for a year (I'll post about that in the near future), but well see if I can get some going before I get back. So if you want to grab one before they are gone, they are available at: borninconcrete.com/shop/ 

On a positive note, the owner of the ARTISHOX gallery has made a complete recovery, and is doing well, running a media company and is even in the early stages of opening a new gallery.

May 5, 2015


Here is a sneak peak at the master sculpt/print for the next figure in the EK Cosmonaut Series. Expertly modelled by Gene Campbell and printed by Des at Ownage, this figure captures all the detail of the original painting.

In the final kit the visor will be clear, so the interior head will be visible.

These should be available from Industria Mechanika in late June/July, 2015.

I will post again when they are in the IMech shop!

April 26, 2015


This one is a personal commission done recently for a client out in Toronto, Ontario. As a personal piece I won't go too much into the symbolism of the image, but it speaks to the clients respect for the pioneering spirit and the journey shared with one's partner.

This is one of several "EK" commissions  I've done for clients over the past year (I will post the others in the future I hope). These pieces are interesting to create as the original EK work was so personal to me, involving my own feelings, struggles etc., so weaving the ideas and feelings of others into the EK Series is a different experience. These pieces are also a lot of fun to do because it gives me the chance to dive back into the EK "world".

All these commissions include a full size signed archival giclee print, along with supporting documents and a Certificate of Authenticity.

If anyone is interested in have their own personal EK piece, feel free to contact me for availability and rates!